Psychoanalysis, Literature and Practice – 28 June 2013

 Hosted by the Institute of English Studies at Senate House, the Psychoanalysis, Literature and Practice seminars are a collaboration between the IES, the University of Birmingham and the University of Warwick, and is convened by Janet Campbell, Department of English, University of Birmingham and Emma Francis, Department of English University of Warwick. The group focuses on psychoanalysis in relation to contemporary debates about sexuality, affect, time, trauma, memory, space, virtual life and the life of objects.

In the seminars there is an emphasis on a return to texts by Freud and his immediate circle as well as later 20th century theorists such as Winnnicott, Lacan, Klein, Green and Bion.  Contemporary work by Laplanche, Bollas, Phillips and Eigen is also considered. At each meeting, a reading of the theoretical work is inflected by attention to a literary, art, dance, photographic or theatre text or other cultural practice.

The latest event will be held on 28 June 2013 and feature artist Sharon Kivland whose work Reproductions I and II (selected images) – will be looked at alongside Freud’s essay ‘Remembering, Repeating and Working Through’ (SE XII  147-155).

An informal wine reception will follow this seminar, to celebrate the publication of Jan Campbell’s latest book, Freudian Passions: Psychoanalysis, Form and Literature (Karnac: 2013) – all seminar members are welcome.


Psychoanalysis, Literature and Practice –

Sharon Kivland –

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