Second Meeting of the UoB Psy Lit Network: Friday October 11th 2013

The second UoB PsyLit Network meeting will be held on Friday 11 October, 2013, between 2-3pm in the Arts and Humanities building (room 104 – main campus) at the University of Birmingham.

Oliver Penny (University of East Anglia) will be delivering a 20 minute paper entitled ‘Empty Rooms: Style and Negativity in The Death of the Heart’ which looks at Elizabeth Bowen’s ‘The Death of the Heart’ through Andre Green’s work on the negative.

Texts to be read and discussed for this session:

Andre Green – ‘The Intuition of the Negative in Playing and Reality’
Andre Green

and Elizabeth Bowen’s – The Death of the Heart

PDF copies of Andre Green’s essay ‘The Intuition of the Negative in Playing and Reality’ will be circulated to all PsyLit members at least a week before the meeting.

More News:

A schedule is currently being put together for PsyLit for the academic year 2013/2014 with meetings to be held on the second Friday of every month during term time.

If you would like to attend future PsyLit meetings or would like more information, please email Matt Geary and Rosie Reynolds at You can stay up to date by following us on Twitter (@uob_psylit) or WordPress (

Also, if your work explores the intersection between psychoanalysis and literature and you would like to give a 20 minute paper at one of our future meetings please submit a 100-200 word abstract to

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