Notice!! 1st PsyLit Meeting of 2014 rescheduled to Fri January 17th

Due to concerns about attendance, the first PsyLit meeting of 2014 has been rescheduled from Friday January 10th, 2-3pm in Room 104. It will now take place on Friday January 17th, 3-4pm, in Room 104 on the first floor of the Arts Building at the University of Birmingham.

For the first meeting there will be a 20 minute paper by Gemma King (University of Birmingham)¬†entitled ‘Repressed Modernism: The Disparities of Freud’s Literary Theory, Criticism, and Practice’. Discussion will follow. The reading for the session will be

Virginia Woolf ‘Character in Fiction’, 1924, in Virginia Woolf Selected Essays, ed. by David Bradshaw (OUP, 2008), pp. 37-54.

and an extract from Sigmund Freud, ‘Some Character-Types met with in Psycho-Analytic Work’, 1916, in James Strachey (ed. and trans.)The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud, Volume XIV (1914-1916): On the History of the Psychoanalytic Movement, Papers on Metapsychology and Other Works (London:Vintage, 2001), 309-36 (pp. 309-15).

We welcome staff and students from Birmingham and further afield either working on, or interested in, literature and psychoanalysis.

Please circulate this email to anybody you think may be interested. If you would like more information, or to join the mailing list to receive the materials before the meeting, please contact us at uob or Twitter @UOB_PSYLIT.

Dates for your diaries:

Friday January 17th, 3-4pm. Gemma King (University of Birmingham)
Monday February 10th, 2-3pm Dr Jan Campbell
Friday March 14th, 2-3pm Joanna Kellond (University of Sussex)

We look forward to seeing you there,
Matt Geary, Rosie Reynolds and Oliver Penny

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