Psychoanalysis Across the Disciplines Research Network – University of Warwick – 14 Nov, 2013

Dorothee Bonnigal Katz 
‘The Place of Psychosis in Freudian Metapsychology and Technique: Topographical and Clinical Reflections’

Thurs 14th Nov, 5.00-6.30pm, Ramphal R0.14
University of Warwick

(Psychoanalysis Across the Disciplines Research Network)

We warmly invite you to join us for this talk, to be followed by wine and snacks. 

Psychosis occupies a complex and paradoxical place in the Freudian corpus. While Freud explicitly acknowledges that the psychoanalytic technique he develops is not an effective tool in the area of psychosis, he also refers to psychosis in key places in his metapsychology. This presentation offers to explore the pivotal relevance of psychosis in Freudian metapsychology, while accounting for its irrelevance in terms of Freudian technique. More specifically and in the light of concrete clinical illustrations, this discussion will strive to elucidate the place of psychosis within Freud’s first and second topography, as well as its relation to trauma and the somatic sphere.

Psychoanalysis Across the Disciplines
Emma Francis
Femke Molekamp
Julie Walsh

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